Hebrews 13:2 ” Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Newly married, we were shopping one evening at the local grocery store, when a young woman came towards us pushing her cart..full of groceries, a large Bible, and a beautiful baby with the most exquisite pair of shoes I had ever seen. As soon as she saw us, her face lite up, as if seeing old friends, and she began to talk as she approached our cart. It was a very odd one-sided conversation, in that she seemed to know both of us very well, and was telling us how blessed our marriage was going to be. As quickly as she appeared, she left, leaving us both dumbfounded. At the very same moment we turned and asked each other…”Who was that?” Neither one of us knew who she was, so we decided to find her and apologetically ask. Up and down the aisles we went, finally ending up at the check-out stands where two of our good friends were cashiering. Neither one of them had helped a lady with a baby and lots of groceries all evening. Was she an angel sent to give us a message of blessing from the Lord…I believe so.

Author: kezha1

A Christian mother, grandmother, and retired nurse living in Illinois. Called into a ministry of encouraging others to find their ultimate plan and purpose in life through Christ.

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