Psalm 32: 1 ” Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.”

The Bundt cake would not come out of the pan.  My young Granddaughter and I were baking a birthday cake for baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Try as I might, the cake was stuck…so I resorted to a knife to pry it out.  What plopped out on the plate was anything but a pretty cake.  It was cracked , marred, and missing a few pieces here and there. But suddenly, this flawed cake become an illustration and teaching tool for us all in the kitchen that afternoon.  When we come to Jesus,  we can look just as  ragged and messed up as that poor cake. But Jesus comes and covers over all our sins…just like the fluffy pure white frosting we used to ice the cake. And soon that cake was beautiful…all the imperfections hidden…all our sins now forgiven.

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