Psalm 26: 7 ” I go about your alter, O Lord, proclaiming aloud Your praise and telling of all Your wonderful deeds.”

It’s testimony Sunday, and I want to share a miracle that happen this week…especially for those who think miracles don’t happen anymore.  My Daughter-In-Law was driving home with two kids, two dogs, and a newly acquired horse…a journey covering three states…when the clutch in the truck started making noise…and then the wet heavy snow began falling, making driving very difficult.  After 16 1/2 hours on the road,  she safety pulled into their driveway.  The next morning, she got into the truck to take it to the Dealership to find the clutch was completely out…the truck wouldn’t move, and had to be towed.  How many miles do  you think the angels propelled that truck through the blinding snowstorm and held that clutch together so they could  get home safely?

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