Proverbs 1:32 ” For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them.”

We like to be comfortable.  We all enjoy routine in our everyday life…but when something disrupts it, we’re not happy…for we’re not comfortable.   Today, the Lord has been challenging my comfort.  For with comfort comes complacency and indifference rather than being stretched  out of that comfort zone.  As Christians, we’re content with a certain circle of friends…doing things that don’t cause anxiety and never push us out of that “comfort zone.”  But are we being effective for Christ snuggled deep within that cozy place?  So as this new year starts,  I’m challenging not only myself but you to step outside that comfort zone.  If you’ve seen a need or said to yourself, “Somebody needs to do something about that!”   The Lord could be telling you that you’re that “somebody”.  It’s time to take your faith outside the four walls of the Church…focus outward, not inward…and move forward in boldness, under the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord has many things for us to be doing this year…it starts by stepping out of our comfort zone.

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