I Chronicles 28: 2-3 ” David rose to his feet and said: ‘Listen to me, my brothers and my people. I had it in my heart to build a house as a place of rest for the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, for the footstool of our God, and I made plans to build it. But God said to me, You are not to build a house for My name, because you are a warrior and have shed blood.’ “

It was back in II Samuel 7 that David first considered all he had and how the Ark of the Covenant was still residing in a tent.  But from the start, the Lord told him it would not be him to do the actual construction of the Temple.  (II Samuel 7:12-13)  What God did permit David to do was preparation, planning, and stockpiling of materials.  Now David could of been offended by this…but he wasn’t.   He understood that he was a warrior with blood on his hands and that Jerusalem wasn’t yet secure enough to begin construction.  What it all boiled down to was appropriateness and proper timing.   All during our Christian life there will be times when we’ll plow the hard ground…someplace else we may plant seed…and another time will find us watering the seedbed.  All these things are  vitally important for a harvest…but it is only God that brings it about, for only He can make it grow at the perfect time. (I Corinthians 3: 6-9)  We all want to see immediate results in people’s lives, but we also need to be content in whatever the Lord gives us to do…for at the proper time He will make it happen.

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