Matthew 18: 26-27 ” The servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ The servant’s master took pity on him, cancelled the debt and let him go.”

This Parable that Jesus taught is a hyperbole to illustrate God’s long-suffering mercy, compassion, and forgiveness to us. The master had every reason to punish his servant…but he didn’t…instead he released him from the obligation of his huge debt…a debt so large there was no way the servant was ever going to pay it back. In the same way, God cancelled our debt and set us free by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ…our huge debt of sin voided and nailed to the Cross. But if you read the entire Parable you’ll see that forgiveness of others isn’t an option for us to choose to do or not. We are to forgive just like the Lord has forgiven us. Yes, it may be hard to forgive others who have hurt you. Our old self doesn’t want to forgive – we’d rather use it as ammunition in a future argument, gossip about it with others, or just dwell on it. But the Lord is quite plain, we must forgive our brother from our heart…all the while remembering what God has done for us.

Author: kezha1

A Christian mother, grandmother, and retired nurse living in Illinois. Called into a ministry of encouraging others to find their ultimate plan and purpose in life through Christ.

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