Luke 1:18 ” Zechariah asked the angel, ‘How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.’ “

This week coming up to Christmas I want to look at the familiar faces of the Christmas story in the Bible but in a more personal way. None of the cast of characters were super Christians, rather they were struggling Believers just like you and me. Today we’ll look at Zechariah and Mary. Both were visited by God’s angelic messenger, Gabriel, both were promised a son in what most of us would consider impossible situations. But we see here where Zechariah was skeptical and full of doubt and disbelief. Whereas when Mary was told the same thing, she was confused, but not unbelieving. (Luke 1:34) Also, as a Priest, Zechariah should of remembered the prophecy of Malachi that foretold of the coming “Elijah” – a clear reference to this promised son, John the Baptist, coming in the spirit and power of Elijah. (Luke 1:17) Contrast this to a young, uneducated peasant girl who took Gabriel at his word and accepted the impossible as possible. Everyday we have the same choices to make…”Do I trust God or not?” We can be like Zechariah and walk in doubt, or be like Mary and walk in assurance that whatever God is wanting for us is His very best.

Author: kezha1

A Christian mother, grandmother, and retired nurse living in Illinois. Called into a ministry of encouraging others to find their ultimate plan and purpose in life through Christ.

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