Luke 11:9 ” So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

We’re told in this short verse there are three things we are to do…ask, seek, and knock, but this is where our true motives come to the surface. Are we asking for things from a worldly viewpoint or from a Godly one? Are we asking God out of selfish self-fulfillment, pride, and ambition, or desiring only the good things within God’s Will? James 4:3 tells us that when we ask but don’t receive it’s because we’ve asked with wrong motives (which means bad intent and/or selfish reasons). The next directive is to seek…not seeking after self-glory but after God’s best for our life. For the more we seek to fulfill ourselves, the less we are seeking God. Finally, there’s knocking…but at the correct door. That means not pounding on a boarded-over door that God firmly shut in the past…and you know it’s the wrong door, but you still jiggle the lock every once in a while just to make sure God hasn’t changed His mind. In our lifetime we’ll knock at many doors, some good, some bad…but it’s only the Lord that will open the right one so we might enter.

Author: kezha1

A Christian mother, grandmother, and retired nurse living in Illinois. Called into a ministry of encouraging others to find their ultimate plan and purpose in life through Christ.

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