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Hebrews 13:1 ” Keep on loving each other as brothers.”

We are to continue to love one another as family, even when the family unit becomes dysfunctional.  For we can choose our friends, but we’re born into a family…and family last forever.   So, regardless how messy it may get, as Christians, we’re to love each other with a brotherly love out of the common bond of Jesus Christ.  Because the commonality we have with each other is far stronger than any friction.

Acts 1:14 ” They all joined together constantly in prayer…”

Jesus taught by example.  And over the course of His ministry here on earth, He modeled for the disciples not only the power of prayer…but the necessity for constancy, and steadfastness in the process.  Prayer wasn’t an after thought for Jesus…it was the main thought.  Nor was it the last thing He did after everything else had failed, it was the very first thing.  So after Jesus had ascended into heaven and the disciples were alone and scared, they relied on the discipline of prayer Jesus had shown them to face the uncertain world ahead.   The early Church was devoted to prayer…the Church of today should be as devoted.

Psalm 68:6 ” God sets the lonely in families…”

Among us you’ll find the isolated and lonely…or maybe you might be the one far away from close family and relatives.  As the Family of God, we are called to be brothers and sisters to our fellow Believers.  Look around you, the Lord will show you hurting, lonely people who just want to feel part of a family…a home.  In extending hospitality, you will be the hands and feet of our Lord… and those lonely ones will feel they belong.