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Judges 9:8 ” One day the trees went out to anoint a king for themselves.”

Judges 9: 7-15 is one of the few parables in the Old Testament.  In it the trees are searching for a king to rule over them.  They start with the prime candidate, the Olive tree…but it refuses.  So they approach the next best tree, the Fig tree, but no go.  Quickly coming to the common Vine they inquire if it would become their king, but it declines also.  Finally in desperation, they seek out the lowly thorn bush who agrees.   In I Samuel 8:5-7 the people came to the Prophet Samuel demanding a king.  No longer satisfied with the system of Judges that had been established by the Lord…they were rejecting God for a visible man to place their trust in.  In other words, they wanted to walk by sight and not by faith anymore.  So from then on, each time they demanded, “Give us a king!”  they never quite knew if they were getting a Olive tree…or a Thorn bush.