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II Chronicles 20:15 ” This is what the Lord says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded of this daily!  It’s brought even clearer to me in I Samuel 17:47, when it says, “It is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s.”  But how many times have I marched out into battle with a toothpick thinking I was somehow “helping God”?  I’ve found one of the greatest Psalms during these times of fear and despair is Psalm 91…it’s a wonderful antidote against that overwhelming feeling of dread, and can help me then refocus my mind where I can – Face Fear with Faith in my heavenly Father.

Psalm 91: 14-16 ” ‘Because he loves Me,’ says the Lord, ‘I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges My name. He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliever him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.’ “

These last three verses of Psalm 91 are a culmination of all the preceding promises in this chapter.  When we make Jesus our  Lord, and trust Him in our  lives, He will “honor those who honor Him.” (I Samuel 2:30)  When our devotion is towards Him,  God will hear us when we call, and rescue us from trouble.  Finally, He will grant us eternal life and a final victory over death and the grave.